About the Bodhi Vida Clinic

About the Bodhi Vida Clinic


John Simmonds

John Simmonds is a Reiki Master, licensed acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist, nutritional counselor and massage therapist. With 20 years experience in healing arts and energy medicine, John also has an extensive background in martial arts: Judo, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Muay Thai boxing. He won a gold medal at the International Martial Arts Championship in Taiwan.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Coventry, England in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Asian Medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA. John has experience in teaching meditation and offers reiki training.

While John is experienced in treating a wide variety of health issues, he is passionate about helping people who suffer from lyme disease. He uses a specific protocol that is effective in treating the condition. John also enjoys working with sports injuries and he also has also developed an effective weight loss system and has managed to safely lose 10 lbs in 14 days.


Bodhi Vida holistic skincare Hilde Schirmer image

Hilde Schirmer is a licensed acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist, nutritional counselor, yoga instructor and massage therapist. She has a Bachelor’s degree from CU Boulder in Fine Arts and Anthropology. With a Master’s degrees in Painting from City & Guilds of London Art School and a Master’s degree in Asian Medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA, Hilde also has training in Facial Diagnosis and Facial Rejuvenation Therapy: a non-invasive combination of techniques that she has custom tailored for her signature Bodhi facial.

While Hilde treats all health conditions, she loves working with psycho-emotional issues, acute & chronic pain, fertility and auto-immune disorders. She also loves pampering women with her signature Bodhi facial. One of her passions is guiding people deeper within their own self and into their heart, using a unique combination of her skills.

Together, John & Hilde have lived in and run clinics in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Costa Rica. They have now returned to Baltimore, where they have opened the Bodhi Vida Holistic Clinic in their home in Greenspring Valley. They offer a variety of nutraceutical and whole food based supplements as well as Chinese herbs and tinctures. From a herbal tincture that grows hair to cognitive wellness supplement program that boosts memory and can prevent dementia and alzheimer’s disease, the Bodhi Vida boutique offers a unique assortment of products that enhance health.

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Hours of operation:
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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10607 Candlewick Road
Stevenson, MD 21093

When you arrive, please look for the hummingbird parking sign. Then follow the second hummingbird sign to the clinic entrance. You will walk through a white gate down a little shaded path to a glass door. This is the entrance to the “Enlightened Life” clinic.

(443) 805-1314 for Hilde 
Hilde@bodhivida.com or


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