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10 Steps to Mompreneur Enlightened Skincare

Mompreneurship can wear a mama down! As a mother of 2 kids, running the home, tending to a 26 foot geodesic biome greenhouse, putting on the hat of a business owner running 2 online businesses as well as treating patients in my Holistic Medicine clinic, I need every cliff notes version of just about every self care practice out there!

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Brain Health and Cognition

  There is much talk about epidemics, if you look beyond the rhetoric and twaddle in the mainstream media. There are epidemics of ADHD, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. There is one dual qualified neurologist AND nutritionist in the United States. His name is Dr. David Perlmutter and he has a very interesting opinion about why the epidemics exist.  More interestingly than that is that he has a solution to both retard and reverse the above mentioned conditions.  In a nutshell, grains have devolved into a different animal entirely than their prehistoric origins. Grains have become addictive, health-damaging and very difficult to avoid. The glycemic index is the scale between 1 and 100 upon which foodstuffs are evaluated in their ability...

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Yoga in the Real World

Don’t ever “Namaste” me.  Just don’t. I love yoga, but I won’t go to a 90 minute class.  If I can find a 60 minute one, you have my attention, but otherwise forget it. I don’t want incense, Indian philosophy or sanctimonious white people projecting on a perfectly legitimate form of exercise. What I want is for my body to last a lifetime. When you have kids, things (everything) take a back seat. Stretching is one thing. Sleep is another. In order to be the best parents, we need to stay in shape and get the most out of our shuteye. Lower back issues start to show up after decades of chair-sitting and driving, and yoga can help to fix...

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Training With the Well-Informed

It used to be that you’d go to a gym and someone who vaguely knew how to sling some weights around would be your trainer.  I remember going to 24 Hour Fitness and seeing a guy who looked more like an expert in cake-eating than fitness, sitting on a piece of equipment and absently instructing his client on how to use the machinery. That is not cutting the mustard these days and the ante has been raised. A lot.  Perhaps the easy access to more information via technology and the easy-outing of ignoramuses along with an elevated ideal of what a fit body should look like are contributing to a higher grade of education for your personal trainer. Books are...

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The New Age of Working Out

Remember Tae Bo? Billy Blanks made some $ and disappeared into the nineties. What’s next? Asylum? Insanity? Zumba? Crossfit? Yoga is not dead yet, and sales of yoga clothes (assuming that relates to statistics of people actually practicing yoga) indicate that more and more people are making it to the yoga studio. Why do these fads come and go? It’s easy. Exercise can be boring.  If we aren’t properly motivated, it becomes a chore and not one we attend to with happy enthusiasm.  And then, sooner before later, we quit going to class or the gym or the studio. I don’t have time for a 90 minute yoga class. I need one that has child care, and they are few...

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