Bodhi Morning Routine

You wake up in denial of the fact that once again it’s morning and you could have used an extra 3 hours of sleep (or is that just me?) You go to the bathroom, squinting to examine your face for eye bags, line marks from the pillow and blemishes. You question if turning on the bright light is worth the brutal reality that it is officially time to wake up, snap to it and start the day. (Again, life with a newborn….anyone…anyone?)

I’m 37, a mother of 2 and  passionate about skincare. I am dedicated to taking care of my skin, knowing that my face is the first thing people notice about me. I have a routine that seems to be working quite well and I stick to it regardless of how tired I may be, where I am traveling or if I am short on time. 

STEP 1: (Total time = 30 seconds)
First, I wet my Japanese Konjac sponge with luke warm water and gently rub it all over my face, neck and décolleté. Then splash water on my face. Konjac sponges help exfoliate, cleanse and balance the pH of the skin. Note: I NEVER add any cleanser to this step.

STEP 2: (Total time=30 seconds)
This is step 1 to hydrating my skin. After patting dry my skin so it feels slightly damp, I pour Bodhi Derma "Awaken" Toner into my hand (amount the size of a nickel. ) Using my index finger I dip into the small pool and apply all over face, neck and décolleté. I then speak the 3rd eye affirmation out loud.

STEP 3: (Total time = 30 seconds)  
I apply a pea size amount of Bodhi Derma Luminesce Rich Cream for a plumping effect with a healthy dewy glow. I then speak the heart chakra affirmation out loud. This makes me skin feel super hydrated without feeling tacky or like I am wearing product. My complexion looks so radiant that I usually stop here, but if I plan on being outdoors a lot or wearing makeup I go for Step 4

OPTIONAL STEP 4: (Total time = 30 seconds)  
I apply one pump of the Bodhi Derma Rejuvenate Serum to my face, neck and décolleté, as it creates a protective barrier against environmental toxins while locking in the moisture I have already applied to my skin. (Don’t forget to say the 3rd chakra affirmation. It helps you keep your ego in check ;)

The KEY TO RADIANT PLUMP SKIN is HYDRATION!!! The more hydrated you keep your skin, the more youthful your skin will look and feel and the slower the aging process will be. Do you think that 4 steps is overkill? Well, there isn’t  magic pill and beautiful skin requires daily effort (for most of us now endowed with the radiant skin gene.) 

Can you spare 2 MINUTES to give your skin some love? TWO minutes to visibly reduce the signs of aging AND slow down further aging signs? If you follow this routine every morning, your skin will be healthy and appear more youthful. And if you say the affirmations every morning you will generate more positive thoughts and create more inner peace in your life.  Now that’s holistic skincare!


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