Is Toner the Secret to Radiant Skin?

Here are 8 benefits to AWAKENING your skin:

1. Provides a protective barrier against environmental toxins

2. Nourishes the skin nutrients and seals in moisture

3. Balances skin pH

4. Removes excess residue from sunscreen, makeup, pollution and oil buildup

5. Visually toners make skin appear more plump, vibrant and youthful

6. Reduces pore size, preventing oil buildup that can lead to breakouts.

7. Excellent for setting makeup for long lasting wear

8. Hydrates skin as a pre-moisturizer that facilitates absorption of creams or face oils, essential for dry skin!

"I find the Awaken toner to be a remarkable product.  My skin feels more supple yet is less reactive to dust, dirt, and sun. Since using the product for 3 weeks, it feels smoother to the touch!" - Heather, Spa Owner/Consultant


A toner containing antioxidants will not only remove toxic residue but also provide a protective barrier against the many environmental toxins (smog, smoke, makeup, chlorine from tap water ) that affect the health and appearance of your skin. These toxins lead to premature aging of the skin.

Camu-Camu is the richest fruit source of vit C on the planet and Vit C promotes collagen production, keeping skin elastic and firm! Chlorophyll interacts with the harmful molecules that lead to oxidative damage, slowing down the visible aging process. Aloe contains antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.


In terms of aging, time ain’t on our side and neither is our modern world! Liposomes work their way inside the skin, releasing nutrition directly inside the cells. Their ability to penetrate deep into the dermal cells of our skin helps deliver the ant-aging nutrients where they are needed. Apple stem cells hold the power of youth in their ability to regenerate skin, making them one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients in modern skincare! Sea Kelp Bioferment increases the bioavailability (absorption of nutrients into the skin) that firms and softens the skin.


The acid mantle is on the surface of the skin and acts as a protective barrier, composed of dead skin cells, fatty acids, and lipids. It works in a more acidic environment, at a pH of 5.5. When the balance is too neutral (at, say, a 6 or 7) that barrier breaks down, allowing allergens, pollutants, and bacteria to enter skin, while letting precious moisture escape.

When skin is at an ideal pH, it retains moisture and protects against environmental threats that can age you prematurely.  A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that, over eight years, women with more alkaline skin experienced a greater number of fine lines and crow’s feet than those with a more acidic balance.

Using a toner that balances the skin's normal pH is critical in slowing visible signs of aging and preserving that healthy glow!  Opt for toners with White & Green tea and fruit acids such as Camu-Camu & Acai Berry Extract!

"Awaken toner makes skin appear brighter and healthier. I believe a hydrating toner is the secret to beautiful and vibrant looking skin" - Hilde, Facial Rejuvenation Consultant/Acupuncturist/Herbalist/Nutrition Coach


Large facial pores allow more dirt, oil and toxins to enter the skin and cause irritation, blackheads and breakouts. Small pores are desirable, making skin appear tight, smooth and clear. Choose a toner with Rose Hydrosol, Caffeine & Green Tea, pore tightening ingredients that tighten your facial pores and allow fewer oils and toxins to settle into the skin.


Hydration is essential to maintaining elasticity, smoothness, moisture and a more youthful appearance. Proper skin hydration reduces the signs of aging skin and provides an effective base for the application of facial cosmetics. A toner with Glycerin, a natural humectant that seals in hydration, revealing a glowing, long lasting dewy look. Camellia Sinesis increase skin’s permeability and seals in moisture. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, creating a plumping effect.


While many cleansers work pretty well to clean our skin, they tend to be drying and only skin deep. But under the surface layer is where oils build up, leading to acne breakouts, dull looking skin and uneven color. Toner removes the excess oily buildup, residue and dead skin cells, thus assisting in reducing facial blemishes and preventing future breakouts. Rose hydrosol serves as a mild antiseptic with the ability to control and balance sebum production, making it great for both oily and dry skin types.

Awaken is LOADED with anti-aging nourishment for your skin! Just glance over the blue highlighted ingredients to see what makes this a truly unique, deluxe. humectant toner! We are confident you'll love it!

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  • Lori

    This is the best skin care line . The Toner leaves your face feeling soft and clean .
    Worth trying !!!!

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