3 Steps to Mastering the Mind



We often expect happiness as if we are automatically entitled to it. We are not, and it needs some work. We can all do the work, and if we do, we can get to a state of peace of mind that we never had before. Happiness does not come without unhappiness, an oft-overlooked reality. Happiness is defined by external things. If what we want is joy, then we can go about achieving it in the same way – it is just a different goal. So, here we go!

Mastering The Your Mind

The mind operates below capacity. The greater part of our conscious thoughts is recycled and amount simply to negative, repetitive garbage. The mind can be quite simply trained to work FOR us and not AGAINST us. If the quality of life is determined by our thoughts, then perhaps more time and effort should be spent in cultivating it – like a garden. By uprooting the weeds of negativity and discontent, and then replacing them with seeds in fertile soil, perhaps we can patiently husband beautiful blooms and change our perception to a lush and verdant garden of thought.

  1. Quiet the mind. Take a flower and look at it for FIVE minutes. As you observe and scrutinize the flower, take in the shape of its petals; enjoy its color and texture; inhale its perfume. Can you do this and make the flower the sole focus of your conscious thought? With practice, you will.
  1. Opposition thinking. Find a mantra, a positive thought-inducing image or a memory that makes you feel calm and relaxed. When stressed, remove your thoughts to the mantra or memory.
  1. Creative Visualization. Sit down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, and fantasize about what will make you feel GOOD. Then focus on the sensations of your body and feel what it would feel like to have these things in your life. Try this for 15 minutes a day. Experiment and use your imagination. There are no limits in this exercise. Make your dreams a part of your reality.

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