Night Time Skincare Routine

Bodhi Vida Skincare Night Time Routine

It’s 6:30 pm, the kids are in the bath, tummies are filled and I’m ready to go to sleep with them in one hour! Somehow I have to juggle the steps between now and then and get myself taken care of (because I NEVER go to sleep without washing my face and brushing my teeth.)

A few nights a week, I smear on the mask while the kids are in the bath, which gives me at least 10 mins to have it on, sucking out the dirt and grime of the day. But before that, I cleanse with jojoba oil. “With whaaaat?!” you may ask. I find that cleansing with an oil cleanser removes my eye makeup, dirt, makeup etc without stripping the natural oils. And no, I don’t break out from using a cleansing oil, quite the opposite in fact. Trader Joe’s jojoba oil works for me (while I’m still formulating our soon to be amazing oil cleanser.) I smooth the oil on my dry face with my fingertips, massaging in circles for 1 minute-ish. Then wash with warm water.

Next step is either the mask or just straight to toner. Our toner is by far the best I’ve ever used. (Before formulating our I used La Prairie for years and loved it but broke up with it for something IMO is way better for my skin.) Toner is key for removing residual mask or whatever and just leaves your skin feeling so fresh and so clean clean.

Lately, with summer upon us, I’m just using the serum after the toner. At night I like to let my skin breathe. Many make the common mistake of loading our faces with heavy creams at night. For years I thought this was what I was supposed to do. In fact this is the opposite of what to do. At night the cells turn over and regenerate. They need to breathe so they can do what nature intended.

I love using our light serum as it has the perfect balance of exfoliating anti-oxidants and nutrients to allow me to wake up with clear, soft and plump skin.If I have a blemish or 2, I spot treat with the mask and leave it on over night.


STEP 1 - oil cleanser
STEP 2 - mask optional
STEP 3 - toner
STEP 4 - serum

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