The New Age of Working Out

Bodhi Vida Skincare New age of workouts

Remember Tae Bo? Billy Blanks made some $ and disappeared into the nineties. What’s next? Asylum? Insanity? Zumba? Crossfit? Yoga is not dead yet, and sales of yoga clothes (assuming that relates to statistics of people actually practicing yoga) indicate that more and more people are making it to the yoga studio.

Why do these fads come and go?

It’s easy. Exercise can be boring.  If we aren’t properly motivated, it becomes a chore and not one we attend to with happy enthusiasm.  And then, sooner before later, we quit going to class or the gym or the studio.

I don’t have time for a 90 minute yoga class. I need one that has child care, and they are few and far between. I don’t want to be in the gym for that long as I’ve been slinging weights since I was 16 (note: I’ll be 50 this year).  Something that I investigated about ten years ago was “superslow training” in an article that was written by a triathlete trying to put on some bulk. This has been reinvestigate as “TUT” or “time under tension.”

The concept is easy; you choose a muscle group and do one exercise, that is up to ten exercises per session, using ten different body parts (shoulders, abs, quads, calves, biceps, triceps, traps, lats, glutes, chest).  You take the heaviest weight you can comfortably manage and pull, push, lift or curl for ten seconds per repetition. If you are using the leg press it would mean a five second press with a five second negative (letting the weight back to starting position). One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi etc.

And then you do SIX repetitions per exercise.  Yes. That’s right, six. Sixty seconds. If you are doing it right you should NOT be able to do any more than six reps, so take your time figuring your weights out, keep a log either on your phone or in an old-school exercise notebook.

Take a three minute break between exercises (different body parts – I always use a push exercise followed by a pull exercise) and if you’re like me, you’re done in 20 minutes, with a total exercise time of 5 minutes.

You can gain great density and mass with this if you eat like your life depended on it, but the key is to go to the gym NO MORE THAN TWICE PER WEEK.

Perfect, right? I know people don’t want to get “big” so if you don’t eat like it's your job, you get toned and lean.

Oh, and don’t forget the butt. Never forget the butt. 

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