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Flower essences have been used for centuries in one form or another to treat health conditions. It is referred to as “vibrational medicine”, and the concept is that the vibration of the flower essence has a positive health effect on the user.

This is not a stretch, seeing as flower teas are used in Chinese and Western traditional medicine for various ailments, chrysanthemum, for example is good for the eyes and for colds.

The huge variety of flower essences offers remedies for almost every ailment imaginable.  The most commonly available ones are Bach Flower Remedies, but this is just the top of the iceberg. 

They work, and you don’t have to believe in them, either.

From mood imbalances to hormonal issues, to the repair of psychological trauma, flower essences can be used across the board. 

That is why we use them in our Bodhi Vida skin care products.

In the Bodhi Vida Rejuvenate Serum we put Palo Santo. This has a strongly purifying and protective essence that works to remove negativity and enhance creativity.

In the Bodhi Vida Illuminate Light Cream we put Purple Saxifrage. This works to heal states of disconnection, while addressing feelings of separation, fear, sorrow, loneliness, abandonment, and feeling lost.

In Bodhi Vida Awaken Toner we put Salmon Berry, which brings us into alignment with our innate abundance, fruitfulness and creative power.

In Bodhi Vida Luminesce Rich Cream we put Helichrysum. This has an uplifting effect and opens up the crown chakra, opening us up to life with a capacity for enjoyment.  It shifts energy focus, from inward to outward. 

In Bodhi Vida Transform Mask we put Sacred Basil. This is a spiritual tonic to balance and integrate spiritual energy into daily life. It enhances clarity around our true nature or life purpose and strengthens our resistance to stress. 

With this in mind, when you use our products, think of how they make you feel. Liberation of the true nature of our spirit is our goal, along with making your skin as beautiful as what it contains. 


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