Under Eye Dark Circles

Bodhi Vida Skincare Under Eye Dark Circles

How does it feel to look in the mirror and see Ricky the Racoon?

Under eye circles are indicative of a few things. One is hereditary and there is not much that can be done in that case, but mostly it’s about the health of the liver and kidneys.  Blood flow is another issue, causing toxic accumulation in the eye bags, and it can be taken care of quite easily in the short and long term. 

But first of all the holistic method. For liver and kidney deficiency it will take a week to ten days to remove the sub-occular luggage discoloration; cut down the coffee and up the water. If you drink alcohol, stop the beer and switch to dry red wine spritzers – no more than two per evening.  Hard liquor is out of the question, and take a look at sugar intake as well.  Water ingestion should be around the 3 liters per day mark. Start first thing after awakening, and follow through with regular, even volumes of CLEAN water (check your sources – not all mineral waters are actually clean, and if you are on municipal water you’re drinking chlorine and fluoride, a very unhealthy choice).

Replace your cuppa Joe habit with cuppa green tea – matcha is best. Rethink your sweetener, the artificial ones are mostly poison, but coconut sugar is not only tasty, but also low glycemic (has an index of around 35), so carry it around with you in a small bag or container for sweetness on-the-go.

Try using a our Bodhi Vida Transform Mask, especially around the under eyes and watch as your face looks less and less like the Lone Ranger and more like Wonder Woman.

And then tell your friends.  When they ask what you are doing that makes you look so much younger and healthier, spread the good word.

It's THAT simple. 

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