Why Bodhi Vida? Light Cream “Enlightened” Ingredients

Bodhi Vida Skincare Light cream ingredients

There is a reason we named the Bodhi Derma light cream, “Illuminate.” The ingredients brighten the skin, clear the complexion and promote an internal glow that radiates out, from within.

With potent plant based ingredients such as: Bright Madonna lily leaf stem cell extract, mango seed butter, apple stem cells, white tea extract, globularia cordifolia, acai berry extract and purple saxifrage flower essence

  • collagen production and elasticity increase
  • complexion evens and appears brighter
  • Skin feels silky smooth
  • Skin is hydrated and soft

Apple stem cells nourish and stimulate skin cells as they divide, essentially replenishing the supply of youth-restoring stem cells.

Bright Madonna lily leaf stem cell extract promotes a consistent skin tone, making the color appear even throughout.

Gloularia Cordifolia actually increases the number of stem cells in the skin. This is due to the alpine daisy’s hyperactive stem cells, which also reduce skin inflammation and revitalize the complexion.

White tea gives the skin a firm youthful look, as it preserves collagen. Compared to 20 other herbal extracts, white tea proved to be the most super in providing antioxidant protection and skin nourishment.

Purple Saxifrage Flower Essence reinforces our connection to Source, opens our hearts and helps us to know that we are never alone. It releases fear of abandonment and reminds us that we are worthy of unconditional love.

Clean ingredients are one thing, percentage amount is another and combination is yet another. Our products contain high quantities of the ingredients that count. The ingredients we choose are non-toxic and organic when possible/optimal. And the chemistry is simply perfect : )

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