Bodhi Derma Affirmations

Bodhi Derma Skincare affirmations
What makes Bodhi Derma products so unique? We are the only skincare line to integrate chakras and affirmations with exceptional plant based skincare. 

Why bother with affirmations in the first place? Because speaking affirmations as a daily practice helps draw attention to areas of your life that could be improved. We all can improve ourselves as we continue to evolve. 

Choose a Bodhi Derma product, your favorite product. It could be the mask, the serum or maybe the toner. Each time you use it, speak the affirmation out loud, daily. 

I will share my personal experience. Morning and night, I use the Awaken toner. I believe this product is the secret to keeping my skin clear and appearing more youthful that I actually am (or feel…wink wink.) I am finding that with daily conscious use of this product and reading/speaking (memorizing) the affirmation, what has happened is that my dreams are becoming expansive! It is SO FUN to sleep now, as my sleep state is tapping into something beyond words! I also feel that I am opening up to greater insight. I am now in full acceptance of Spirit being my guide, while reacting less frequently to situations and instead checking in with my higher self before I respond. 

The toner correlates to the third eye chakra and with daily attention to bringing Ajna into balance, my perception is shifting. 

“I accept my path as I release all attachments from wanting it my way. I trust the wisdom that dwells within me. I follow my intuition. I am aware that my thoughts create my reality and I examine situations from my higher self before I choose to react. I see.” 

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