A Life of Athleisure


All things evolve. In the 90's we witnessed the Sopranos dressed in velour leisure suits, and any movie character from an eastern European country was depicted wearing an adidas brand track suit. This trend was further developed by the Rap culture wave, with Kangol hats and the more bling the better, but now the dots are being joined where they previously weren't.

The idea that you wear athletic gear not because it is comfortable but rather because you might actually lead a lifestyle that is at least mildly sporty seems like a no-brainer. I remember looking around me at the supermarket 10 years ago and wondering why anybody would associate the majority of people I saw wearing athletic gear with any sport other than jumping to conclusions. Because they wouldn't. 

In 2014 the active wear market surpassed the $35 billion mark in the United States. Yoga wear alone has increased rapidly in the last five years, thanks to companies like Lululemon, while tailored pants and jeans have declined in sales. People have more free time, and perhaps more stress in their lives that requires factoring in exercise therapy, which in turn requires the right  and righteously superior duds. 

But half of the market is not buying for an active lifestyle, according to market research analyst, Marshal Cohen, "rather America has gotten more casual."

With Lululemon yoga pants going for around $100, the question remains, "How casual do we really need to be?"

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