Fermented Food and Beverages

Bodhi-Vida-Skincare-Fermented-Food-and-beverages-tempehTempeh is not just a town near Phoenix

Fermented foods are foods that have gone through a fermentation process, creating a pickled or strongly flavored condiment, food or drink.  These include wine, cheese and pickles.  However, there are many others that involve the use of vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, beans or liquids such as vegan milks, teas or even water.

"Cultured foods", like sauerkraut and coconut kefir, contain "friendly" microscopic bacteria that are extremely beneficial to the health of the colon and the entire digestive tract.

Achieving a healthy ratio of bacteria and yeasts within the body helps to improve metabolism, enhance hormonal production and increases the synthesis certain B complex vitamins and other nutrients. See the link to below for more information on medical papers published on the diseases either cured or inhibited by inclusion of fermented foods in the diet.

Meanwhile, here is a list of fermented foods that are easy to consume and do a body good. 

1. Sauerkraut and / or Kim Chee

This is easy to make and tastes as though it is doing you good. You can moderate the flavor depending on preference, but if you're making a good kim chee, you're going to have to change your bed sheets. It's THAT potent. 

2. Tempeh

Basically just bean cake. You are going to have to make it flavorful as straight tempeh is as boring as daytime TV.

3. Kefir

This is easier to make these days from a culture powder that you can buy easily on the internet.  Tastes a little tart, but on the whole delicious. Great for taking after a course of antibiotics. 

4. Miso

Miso contains a compound called dipicolinic acid, miso soup consumption has been proven helpful for chelating the effects of radiation exposure and may help offer protective properties against certain types of cancers, especially breast and prostate.

5. Kombucha

Easy on the sugar, though - too much can counter the benefits of drinking this. 

6. Rejuvelac

 A slightly sour and fizzy liquid ferment made from a combination of sprouted grain and pure water.  Wheat berry is usually used, but rejuvelac can be made from most any grain including gluten-free versions like millet or quinoa.

7. Seed Cheese

This is tangy vegan cultured cheese often made from sunflower seed, pumpkin seed as well as other seeds, nuts or combinations of both. 



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