Isn’t it the most unfortunate situation when you have a happening event coming up and you wake up with that oh-so-unwelcome giant volcano on your chin?! The attack of the super zit has once again reared its ugly head! What to do?.......Pop it? But then what if it gets all red, bleeds and looks like a battle scar? Leave it? Heck no! then everyone will be grossed out by the pus filled rascal and think, “why didn’t she just pop that sucker?” Ugh, there isn’t a good solution.

Here is the classic response from an acupuncturist: Get a needle, a Q-Tip and some H2O2 (and the Bodhi Derma mask, if you have it.)

If you don’t have a plethora of acupuncture needles lying around, any sterile needle will work (burn the tip if you need to sterilize.) Gently stick the head of the needle into the head of the zit. Then take the Q-Tip and soak it in Hydrogen peroxide and press it onto the zit. The hydrogen peroxide will clear out the bacteria. Then dab a little of the Bodhi Derma mask on that sucker and let it sit for as long as possible (better yet, sleep with the mask as a spot treatment if possible.)

Acne is mostly caused by a buildup of oil under the surface of the skin. That buildup creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. One of the best ways to avoid breakouts it regular gentle exfoliation. This is why we LOVE the Bodhi Derma mask  because it exfoliates the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, draw out oil build ups, unclogs pores and softens the skin, smoothing out the canvas of your face.

Also using toner both morning and night helps a lot. (Try Awaken as it is non-drying and balances skin’s pH.)

Lastly, don’t dry out your skin. Your skin’s pH likes to hang out around 5.5 (which is acidic) and when we use drying products our sebaceous glands respond by creating more oil, which is alkaline. So people with consistent breakouts tend to have more alkaline skin. A simple solution is applying fruit acids (another reason we love the Bodhi Derma mask as it contains fruit enzymes of pineapple, pomegranate and papaya.) 

Simple DIY mask : lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, turmeric powder and baking soda – leave on for 20 mins

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