Manifestation - the Long and Short of It


"What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest."
 - Adyashanti 

"The Secret" was a book and a DVD/movie based on the idea that we can influence our lives and manifest things, situations and dynamics purely by positive thinking. It was very popular and somewhat spurious - every time somebody mentions "quantum physics" in relation to spiritual matters, it suggests that snake oil is about to be sold - but it made a lot of money and had a base in material acquisition. "Visualization boards" became a buzz phrase and pseudo-luminaries were presented as credible talking heads to expound the benefits of this now spiritually acceptable practice. 

The lesson might be hard-earned, but getting what we want does not necessarily translate to getting what we need - a great example of this is the lottery winners, sports personalities and movie stars, whose lives fall apart with the pressure of wealth, fame and influence. 

There is a practice called "Aura Pumping," which can help you to manifest what you want when done correctly. I have done it several times and got exactly what I attempted to manifest. Starting small is a good idea, and being laser specific with our desires is essential. Generalities allow for unforeseen elements, for example; I want to be with a partner who is incredibly handsom/beautiful. What happens when this materializes and they are horrible to be around? What about wishing for wealth and it comes as an inheritance from the passing of a loved one, whose death affects us so profoundly that we cannot enjoy life without them? Just some food for thought, but the quote at the head of this post states that if we are aligned with the Universe, then what comes to us is greater than anything that we could imagine. How do we do that? I will address this in a later post. 

Meanwhile, here is the Aura Pumping exercise. It works, when done correctly.

Aura Pumping

  1. Stand in a comfortable position and relax. Inhale through your nose, very quickly, almost violently. No dragging it out, just one quick >>SNIFF!!<< 
  2. Exhale slowly out of the mouth. Focus on your energetic aura, how it surrounds you and how it feels and how far it extends.
  3. Repeat this a total of 7 times.
  4. When you have completed your 7th exhale, inhale slowly through the nose. VEEEERY SLOOWLY. 
  5. Exhale explosively out of the mouth. >>HOOSH!!<<
  6. Then just relax. Whatever your intention was with this, you should now try and feel: if it is that you want to be a successful student, sense the emotions you would feel if you were to graduate with honors, to get top marks in your exams, to succeed in your learning. You must really feel these things, not just visualize them in your head. Feel the pleasure of achievement etc. The same goes for material things – how does it feel to own a Rolls Royce, a plot of land, a big chunk of money etc.
  7. Stand there and pull these feelings into your aura.
  8. Do this as many times as you like. Doing the same thing over and over again kind of makes it redundant in that you are realizing the belief that it WON’T happen. So try and ensure that this mindset does not prevail. Repetition = ok. Undermining repetition = not ok.
  9. Good luck.



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